How To Wear Brown in Easy and Stylish Ways

It’s easy to feel ownership over your social media profiles, after all, we have followers, we grow traffic and influence from the work put into social media, but the truth is, the old saying “There’s no such thing as a free lunch” applies even in the newest of technology. When it comes to using sites for free, users have little power over what ultimately happens with the website. We all learned this a nine days ago with the Instagram PR kerfuffle when they tried to open our Instagram content up for monetization by changing the terms of use to include selling our ‘grams without permission. They may have changed back temporarily, but history has shown a continued course of privacy stripping in social media and it’s hard to believe it won’t be long until something like this happens again.

The most distinctive aspect of ReRuns, a U.S.-only website for pre-owned clothes, is their pledge to donate the entirety of their 20% seller’s fee profit to a charity of the seller’s choice. Otherwise, everything’s pretty standard–sellers list item photos, descriptions, and prices for buyers to review and then choose which charity ReRun’s profits will go to for the sale. Once an item is purchased by a buyer, sellers use ReRun’s shipping methods to send out their item. You can learn more on ReRun’s FAQ page here.

Have a suit made. Having a suit made is a perfect illustration of the idea expressed above. Number one, it takes time. And number two, you can almost guarantee that nobody will have the same exact suit. Sure, you could get that Ludlow suit from J.Crew tomorrow. You could go to SuitSupply. But so could everyone else. And a lot of people do because they need/want a new suit, and stat. Hunting for sartorial instant gratification will almost certainly lead to you awkwardly bumping into a coworker (or someone on the sidewalk) and being like, “Hey, um, we’ve got the same SuitSupply blazer…cool…”

If you have something coming up and are wondering what to wear with denim shorts that are presentable and appropriate, I will suggest throwing on your favorite pair of blazer and summer heels. One important thing to bear in mind is the proportions of the blazer and shorts. The right blazer length and shorts length makes a great combo.