9 Summer Outfit Formulas for Lazy Girls Everywhere

Happy Weekend! Here is another weekend of finds and deals. This weekend finds and deals: summer and beyond includes some of new arrivals from H&M, things that I have sitting in my cart in preparation for fall and some items currently on sale. Last weekend finds were predominately from H&M pieces under $100 which I am obsessing over right now. I will be sharing a huge H&M haul and try on my YouTube video next week of what I picked up last week; in the meantime, make sure you subscribe here because I have a Zara Try-on haul video tomorrow.

This summer and the coming season, neutral colors will continue to stay. You will be seeing a lot of neutral pants, cardigans, and coats. Every fall and winter season, I pick up new camel and neutral colored coats and this double layered wool blend coat is current one of my favorite coats that I have see so far. Another trend to look out for is collar top and dresses. I picked up this white collar eyelet tunic and embroidery detail blouse. I am currently eyeing this pink collard poplin dress.

If you haven’t, make sure to check out Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that is currently going on. I shared some of the items that I picked up from the sale including this booties in snakeskin, grey cardigan, houndstooth coat and this print satin camisole. I will be posting how I styled some of these item on Monday’s post.

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