Hair Style

Sexy, fresh and at the same time simple looks. This is the direction in which wavy hair is going, a trend that will continue next year. For spring summer 2021 Jacquemus proposed on the catwalk set up in a bucolic wheat field, relaxed messy buns that enhance the natural texture of the hair.

An inspiration that we can already turn into reality to collect wavy hair right now. Unlike the traditional disheveled chignon on the nape with free locks on the face that Meghan Markle likes so much, the 2020 version shifts in height and transforms into a high chignon.

Wavy hair collected: yes to baby hair

To clear the rebellious short tufts that curl near the face was Jennifer Lopez on several occasions. In the latest Instagram post, she styled them forever young . The baby hair is worked with the gel and combed forward, while the rest of the hair is collected in two space buns that take away at least 10 years from the face. But they can also be left natural, as in Gisele B√ľndchen’s soft chignon .

Tail with scrunchie for wavy hair

With a surfer mood, it is a ponytail with beach waves made more elegant by a colorful scrunchie or a foulard. Wavy hair gathered in a wavy ponytail , high or low, is perfect as an anti-heat hairstyle after a natural drying supported by a modeling product. A baby braid can also be added to the queue, as Chrissy Teiger did.

For gathered wavy hair, the inspiration comes from the bohemian look developed by the R + Co team led by Garren for the Anna Sui spring summer 2020 fashion show . The semi-collected with retro shapes and volumes is accompanied by modern textured waves. The secret is the flexible hold hairspray that makes the texture more malleable.