Christine Reidhead – A Promising Philanthropist Working For Humanity


Christine Reidhead is an exceptionally educated person, who has been working for humanity for decades now. She is an Assistant Professor by profession at Navajo Technical University, but also runs a non-profit organization. She is the founder, as well as CEO of the AfrikRising non-profit organization. 

Her Early Life and Education

Christine Reidhead is the youngest sibling, who was brought up by her educated and bright-minded parents. She grew up in Benson, Arizona, and it was there that instilled the important values of hard work, determination, and dedication. These rules helped develop here into a philanthropist, educationist as well as a social worker. She has been leading AfrikRising, which is an excellent non-profit organization that has had a tremendous impact in Africa over the past couple years. 

She Has Been Actively Working For the Children of Africa. 

She is not a daydreamer, but a practical and realistic person. She has lived her dreams by consistently working for humanity. Christine makes sure to provide important resources for African children. She has been saving African children from starvation by sending food for their sustenance to orphanages and disability homes. She has also undertaken steps for providing education to African children by working to establish a school in Ghana, Africa set to open in the Summer 2022.

There are also multiple health disparities in Africa and AfrikRising has been able to curb these health disparities by aiding deprived African children. 

Actively Involved in Multiple Projects in Mexico

There are also multiple projects in Mexico wherein she had helped those less fortunate. Her main focus is on children, who need support and love. Christine and her family have helped serve the Mexican people for over the past thirty years. They have made a tremendous impact serving the people and creating smiles on the children’s faces.

Always Keen on Helping Others Through Innovative Means

Due to these aspirations, Christine Reidhead is also a board member of Habitat for Humanity. In this nonprofit organization, they build homes for those in need in Gallup, New Mexico and the surrounding areas. Christine not only serves those close to her home, but thinks of the children all around the globe in need. What a tremendous blessing she is on society as a whole. If every young person would follow her lead, this world would be a better place.Find out more about Christine on her website:

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