Another stride for a champ: A deserving Recognition for Christine Reidhead

Undoubtedly, this is not just a publicity stunt for Christine Reidhead, but an appreciation for her consistent expression of love to the African child.

CIO is known to be reputable for strictly recognizing distinguished leaders over the years of its existence since 1987. And for her works in AfrikRising, where she remains committed to serve the needy African child and address the hunger in Africa, this recognition from CIO couldn’t have made Christine more thrilled. 

A close look at her background sees Christine Reidhead, a Business Professor, Chief Executive Officer, and Founder of AfrikRising – a nonprofit organization committed to improve children’s lives and provide them with an opportunity of a better future, especially the African child. She is also a single mother of two boys and a host of other things.

Over time, Christine has proven herself to be relentless and absolutely phenomenal in her philanthropic gestures and passion for education and the struggling African child.

Although AfrikRising is a nonprofit organization, it is doing way more than some funded organizations in catering for these children’s needs, giving them the basic necessities plus education, and affirming that they matter and someone out there cares immensely for them. That is the hope that the world needs- someone who cares selflessly.

Beyond doubts, Christine has shown admirable leadership qualities in apparently all her endeavors -even academically, having bagged many accolades and recognitions, both as a student and an alumnus.

If amazing was a person, we are convinced without a doubt that Christine will be the bodysuit. To her, leadership is nothing without a vision, so it’s not only about where she is now, but where she is going on years and decades to come.

She hopes that more people are open-minded to see the bigger picture and expand their horizons to what is expected of mankind in leadership and giving back to humanity.

Her commitment and integrity to her work are impeccable, and it’s not strange that CIO has recognized her for all these, and definitely more to come.

It is also worthy of note that Christine Reidhead is also a confident leader who believes herself to be knowledgeable, articulate, prompt, and non-judgmental. She has the team spirit to work with anyone who put forth the effort. 

Christine Reidhead’s nomination of Top 10 Inspiring Leaders to Watch 2020 is just another deserving ‘pat-on-the-back’ to tell her that her works are not going unnoticed and a reminder that the world needs to pause and take a cue from such devoted leaders. Her great compassionate heart for others in need and how goal-driven she is can be best described as her greatest strengths. Christine is thrilled to be part of the people making this world a better place.

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